Our services

We provide employees to carry out almost all production processes that our customers require of us.

We have many years of experience

We are from Ukraine, but we have been living in Poland for more than 10 years. We know the needs of employees from the East and understand the Polish employer very well. We are one of the pioneers in the field of employment abroad.

Employees for a long-term

We do everything to motivate our employees to cooperate more and avoid rotation.

We personally support people who find themselves in a difficult life situation, and we also prepare all documents for legalization for them free of charge.

Active recruitment

We recruit in various ways and know the best recruiters from all over the East and Poland. We spare no expense in rewarding partners, so we are seen as a priority. All this is to ensure that our clients have employees sooner than others.

We are learning

We constantly participate in conferences and trainings, constantly communicate with lawyers and consultants to be the first to learn about changes in regulations and to be able to provide the best quality services.