1. According to the rules of the site, the Administrator uses “cookies” — small text files that are stored by default on the User’s device to record his activity on the site.

2. “Cookies” are protected from being read by third parties using standard security measures used by your web browser.

3. We use two types of cookies: short-term (“session cookies”), which are stored on the User’s device and remain there until the end of the browser session, and then are permanently deleted from the device’s memory; long-term (permanent) cookies stored on the User’s device, where they remain until deleted.

4. The purpose of using cookies is the correct configuration of the website, which consists in adapting the content to the User’s preferences, recognizing his device and his location, remembering the selected settings, authenticating the User and providing sessions, as well as the full functionality of the website, analyzes , audience research and audit. The use of “cookies” by Users does not harm the User’s computer and does not change the configuration of the User’s telecommunications device and the software installed on this device.

5. During your first visit to the website, information about the use of cookies by the Administrator will be displayed at the bottom of the website. You can change your cookie settings in your browser at any time. We do not use cookies without your consent. Consent can be expressed independently and at any time by accepting this Privacy Policy or through the settings of your web browser (using the appropriate settings configuration). Accepting cookies is not mandatory to use the website, but if you do not do so, some features will not work properly. The user can delete “cookies” at any time using the functions available in his web browser.